Electronic Repairs

Electronics are the backbone of industry. Keeping them at peak operating condition is paramount in busy environments where down time can cripple an operation. Our experienced electricians can maintain and repair components from most manufacturers, including:

  • Motor drives
  • PLC's
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Power supplies
  • Timers and counters
  • Welding machines
  • Barcode scanners, and more

This type of overview can better integrate your various machines so that there is a natural synergy. If you've added various pieces over time and had them electrically configured at various points, going back to ensure there is consistency in the connections and power setup can avoid hassles or repairs later. Setting current limits, replacing old components, calibrating output voltages, and performing stress tests help ensure components hold up to working conditions and that your facility is a safe place to work.

Sometimes the issue is a mechanical challenge such as failing motor drives, light curtains, and temperature controls. Other times it's an issue with the wiring or power supply itself. In either case we can help diagnose the problem and get it resolved efficiently. If you're looking for ongoing industrial maintenance services thereafter, we can help monitor your systems and recommend changes as needed.